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About US

  Anhui Jinye Industrial Co., Ltd is one professional supplier and exporter of various disposable clothing for cartering, safety, protective and medical.Our main products including face mask,caps, PE arm sleeves, PVC glove, PE glove, PE apron, Isolation gown, lab coat, coverall, shoe cover, etc.We have strict QC control, and always insist on high quality, most competitive price, quick delivery and best services, due to this, we've gained many valued customers in the world, such as US, South America, Euro., and Middle East.

  Anhui Jinye Industrial Co., Ltd has built its business on establishing relationships that last. We will try best to meet you different needs and hope to be your strong partner!

  Solid relationships with most US companies that manufacture to-go packaging, janitorial cleaning products, industrial paper, equipment and supermarket supplies.

  We are certain that we can offer overseas customers more than just a price and product. Our aim is to provide a great service at very competitive prices - all focused on exporting US manufactured goods.